Welcome to the 500 Doors Real Estate Podcast – where expertise meets ambition. Hosted by the eminent Kim Hayden, we delve deep into the intricate world of real estate. Whether you're a seasoned agent, an eager investor, or simply dreaming of your first foray into realty, this podcast is your ticket to industry mastery.

Discover the secrets of top-tier luxury agents, learn from brokers managing billion-dollar portfolios, and navigate market downturns with wisdom. Moreover, let's tap into the transformative power of technology, shaping tomorrow's real estate. Dive into personal branding, forge community ties, and become your neighborhood's go-to realtor. We're not just about selling homes – we're crafting legacies.

Elevate your career, dominate your market, and unlock doors – 500 and beyond.

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About the Host


Kim Hayden, a real estate virtuoso, is the voice behind the 500 Doors Real Estate Podcast. An award-winning Real Estate Agent and a seasoned TV host, Kim has carved a niche in the realty realm that few can rival. Her insights span the vast spectrum of real estate – from understanding the upscale luxury market's nuances to mentoring on scaling businesses to billion-dollar landmarks.

But Kim's prowess isn't limited to mere transactions. She believes in building communities, forging connections, and imprinting a lasting legacy. With her at the helm, the podcast has become a guiding light for countless professionals, redefining success benchmarks and setting higher standards.

As a believer in continuous learning and community involvement, Kim's mission with the podcast is clear: empower every listener to unlock doors and achieve unparalleled success in the dynamic world of real estate.

Looking to Elevate Your Presence in the Real Estate Realm?

If you identify as a:

  • Visionary with a fresh perspective on property dynamics

  • Author covering the nuances of real estate evolution

  • Coach mentoring future realty giants

  • Entrepreneur with transformative approaches to property markets

Then this platform awaits your unique narrative.

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